Contract conditions


  1. Prices to be understood for the total scope of our offer, delivered. Prices are firm and not subject to revision except for possible variations in exchange rate, that would be applied on the actual delivery date and on to the total value offered.

  2. The payment dates for invoices issued to that effect shall comply with the conditions of deferment reflected in our offer with a maximum of 60 days thereof pursuant to Law 15/2010 of July 5, amending the Law 3 / 2004 of December 29 which states that, since January 1, 2013, the deadlines for payment of all invoices arising from commercial transactions between private companies may not in any case exceed 60 days counted from the date of delivery of goods or provision of services and the express prohibition of contractual agreements between the parties involving an extension of the deferral of fixed payment.

  3. The delivery date will start from the date of our acknowledgement of receipt. Any delay in payment of our advanced invoices will delay our delivery in the same days. In case of discrepancy between the order and our acknowledgement of receipt, the latter would prevail.

  4. Guarantee is valid for 12 months from the date of start-up or 18 months from the date of delivery, whichever comes earlier. The guarantee is only valid provided that the equipment is conveniently protected, supervised by our technical personnel prior to the start-up, and that the damage is not due to maloperation of the installation. It covers faulty parts but not those damaged due to negligence, lack of preventative maintenance according to our instructions, or bad operation by third parties, and does not cover wear parts. The cost for manpower needed to replace the defective parts shall be invoiced separately, according to our current service fees. The guarantee of Seller does not cover the following points:

    1. Failures not reported to Seller within the guarantee period specified above.

    2. Failures or damage due to misapplication, abuse, improper installation, temperature conditions, water, dirt or corrosive elements.

    3. Operation failures due to running above nominal capacities or improper handling.

    4. Misuse or alteration of goods by personnel not authorized by Seller.

    5. Failures and damages due to the use of non-original spare parts.

  5. Should bonds be requested, these will necessarily state an expiration date to avoid continued payment of commissions if not returned timely. Seller shall be entitled to back charge to Buyer any additional expenses incurred by the late returning. Performance bonds are not acceptable unless this bond is linked to an advanced payment. In this case, it will be issued one single dual bond which covers both guarantees. Advanced payment bonds may be replaced by a retention amount of 5% of the milestone payment, at vendorĀ“s choice. Advanced payment and performance bonds will be released, latest, against warranty bond.

  6. Any order advancement via fax will only be accepted if it contains ALL the necessary instructions and acceptances to ensure that the mutual rights and obligations of Buyer and Seller start simultaneously.

  7. Our ethics are based on honesty, transparency and equality in the development of the activity; health and safety of persons and the integrity of employees, customers and suppliers. The defense of human rights and environmental protection are also cornerstones of our culture. Both for employees, customers and suppliers to seek to share the basic criteria on which we develop our social responsibility policy and are shared by all.

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