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September, 2017


After more than 50 years, Prematécnica continues to design combustion equipment for environmental protection, such as torches and incinerators of contaminating gases. In an increasingly changing market, where improvements in efficiency and optimization of combustion equipment are required by regulators as well as by customers and society, Prematécnica has opted to devote a significant part of its resources to I+D+I, focusing on the computational fluid dynamics, or CFD, so that we can simulate and analyze the interaction of the same, and even their combustion. The basis of a design that meets the highest standards of pollutant emissions is the experience and in-depth knowledge of the combustion mechanisms. Combining it with CFD simulation, equipment optimized for each specific application is designed, maximizing performance and minimizing emissions of polluting gases. Access here to the article published this September in the special Expoquimia of the magazine Industria Química, which details various case studies conducted using CFD.

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