Company profile

PREMATECNICA was founded in 1961 in Madrid (Spain). We started distributing, in the Spanish market, blue-chip equipment and instrumentation for the process and energy industries, starting our international expansion in 1980 with the creation of PREMATECNICA DE MEXICO. This was the beginning of a new era for our Company. Today, fully engaged in a global business policy to provide effective responses to the demands of our clients, our team of professional experts develops a wide variety of equipment for the environment protection, energy efficiency and safety.


We are a leading company in the field of representation of first order foreign manufacturers for the process, energy and related industries. We also have been active for many years in the design and manufacture of our own equipment. We can show more than 50 years of proven experience in domestic and international markets bringing together our customers and the manufacturers we represent endeavoring to focus our specific attention to price competitiveness and the achievement of a reasonable profit.


To become a DISTINCT enterprise, devoting our resources to INNOVATE and discover new needs we can cover better than anyone in the industry of generation and transformation of energy, both conventional and its new sources, and contribute to their development and use in safe conditions. We want to GROW CREATIVELY applying our acquired know-how and highlighting our brand awareness to new products and markets.


The values we have been abiding to in the last 50 years of activity in our Company have been professionalism, quality, excellence, honesty, integrity, flexibility, pleasure and collaborative spirit. VALUES ​​we strive to enhance in the future are: COMMITMENT, EFFICIENCY and COMMUNICATION.

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