Compressors and blowers

From our principals FIMA, HOWDEN and MEHRER, compressors and blowers that complement each other to cover the most varied needs.


Blowers and centrifugal compressors, API 672/673/617. Hermetically encapsulated blowers (HETICO, MAHECO, MACOUCO) for special gases, radial, zone 0 and customized products.


Oil-free reciprocant compressors for process gases Burton Corblin®. Diaphragm and piston API 618 designs. Periflow design. Compression sets. Rotary screw compression system with or without lubrication API 619. For gas liquefaction and compression, CO2 recovery and hydrocarbons processing. Refrigeration units. Turbo-blowers and centrifugal single stage blowers, integrally geared units and complete systems, designed and built to API 672/617 and other industry standards for applications in other markets. Root blowers.


100% oil-free energy-efficient gas and air compression ATEX certified. Compressors customized with special configurations, watertight, multiple accessories, control system. Turn-key sets or machines with free axis. Specialists in CO2 and biogas. Designs with piston and diaphragm.

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